O-Z Project

Project files


The Land of OZ - came out of a office filing cabinet - when Frank Baum was pondering one day, back in 1899, what to call his magical kingdom, he looked up and across the room, spied a filing cabinet marked 0 - Z and legend has it a kingdom was born.

The story may be apocryphal (OZ can be pronounced, either OOOH'S or AHHH's and others think that's how the kingdom and its four countries got its name) however because it's the centennial year, I am launching the O-Z Project, to deal with the magical kingdoms that are my archival files. The kingdom categories are Avalon/Rubberstampdom/Writing/Stargazing and yet to be named. If you are in the kingdom, your name is on one of the files and you are a resident in one of the countries. Some people live in one country, others have passports to other countries. You will receive a passport at the completion of this project. The good news is that unless you wrote me a love letter, you are safe. The bad news is, if you want to see your file, you have to wait until the project is complete. Originally the goal was to have everything cataloged and boxed and a basic electronic filing system in place by the end of 2011 so I could continue the kingdom from any cafe around the world, with just a palm pilot. Now with the advent of web-based filing systems like Evernote and The Paper Tiger, I can update as I travel, even in Bhutan or Fez! or Albuquerque or LA with my Vera Wang Peony netbook, my android phone and /or Galaxy Tablet. And in the spirit of endless summer, there is now no deadline, the goal is now just a path. The path is whatever passes, no end in itself, the end is grace, ease, healing not saving...singing. (Gary Synder, Turtle Island). The Dunes is the actual home of the physical files of O-Z and with coffee cup in hand and exclaim like Dorothy to Toto, that first intrepid voyager to the land of Oz,  "There's no place like home." Home is where the heart is. Or as Melville said somewhere in Moby Dick: "It is not down on any map, true places never are."